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Dec 11, 2008

Computer Can't Shut Down

What to Do When Your Computer Does Not Shut Down

This problem of a computer not shutting down is actually more common than you might think, and the solution to this problem is in fact pretty simple. The more common symptoms faced by most users are that after a user clicks on the 'shutdown' button, the computer seems to be in a state of stasis and instead of shutting down, there is constant disk activity. The computer then seems to hang and the disk light dies, maybe hiccupping once in a while. Some people experience the "blue screen of death" and the familiar beep sound comes on whenever they try to press any of the keyboard buttons. If this is happening to you on almost a weekly basis then this article will definitely help you out, as it tells you what to do when your computer does not shut down.

The problem is most likely your system registry. This little component Windows uses is stored in the system folder and the easiest way of explaining its concept is that the registry is a sort of a critical log book that Windows uses. Every thing that happens within the Windows environment will be tracked in the log book and what the operating system lists down in the registry are the instructions of each and every program that is installed within it. It is not only limited to software, but hardware changes and instructions are also placed within the registry. This includes system files, load files, driver details - everything to make your programs run as they should. Now as time goes by, you would have done a lot of installing and uninstalling, and mistakes do happen since even computers and code are not perfect. So problems like invalid entries, lost and orphan data keys, blank spaces and even virulent lines of code written by malware and Trojan viruses get self invited to the registry. This means that your registry could possibly end up corrupted, and the common symptoms of this is a slower computer, common auto run errors, runtime errors and even Windows and program crashes.

There is always a reason why the computer cannot shut down. There are certain procedures that it does to shut down and the problem can occur when a registry entry for a program it's trying to close is either lost or corrupted. Or the registry is filled with invalid system entries that choke the system when it is trying to exit from its operating system environment and close down critical system programs.

What you need to do of course is to get a registry cleaner, a program that is freely available on the internet. Download a good one - so do your research and soon your computer problems will go away and it will be able to shut down once again. The registry is actually the root of many problems within the Windows environment and you should always do a scan and clean once every week to ensure that it runs healthily. This is what to do when your computer does not shut down and I hope this article has solved your problem.

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